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Official Rules:

The tournament, sponsors, affiliates, partners and its officials are not responsible for accidents, losses and/or theft.

1. Federal, state and local laws must be followed.

2. This is a single elimination bracket challenge. You will be competing against one boat per stage. If you win, you will move on to the next round. If you lose, you are eliminated.

3. Only the first 32 teams that enter will be registered, then it will be first come, first serve.

4. When all 32 entries have been approved for registration, teams will be randomly drawn and assigned to the bracket.

5. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be determined by a one hour fish-off that will start shortly after the first official weigh-in has been completed. The minimum length will be dropped to a 10” minimum for the tiebreaker only. The Tournament Director will recheck the live wells before the tiebreaker fish-off begins. In the event of a tie (at the end of the tiebreaker), the winner will be determined by a coin toss. Including the tie breaker fish-off, you will have two opportunities to win on the water.

6. Life jackets must be worn while big motor is running.

7. Five (5) fish limit with a 12” minimum (the golden rule will be the official unit of measurement), must cull on the sixth fish (can have no more than five fish in the boat at one time).

8. Half pound penalty for dead fish or short fish.

9. No fishing within 50 yards of another contestant that is anchored with trolling motor out of the water.

10. Off­-limits will start at midnight, the Sunday before each stage.

11. No trailering, unless Tournament Director permits.

12. All live wells must be checked by the Tournament Director.

13. Legal fishing hours are 30 minutes before posted sunrise until 3pm. The Tournament Director will send boats out by number, one boat at a time; this process will begin as soon as the Tournament Director checks everyone in. It is up to the contestants to confirm they have been checked in that morning (before takeoff) and that evening.

(Before weigh­-in: You must have your check in key returned to the check­ in board before the check­ in time, or you will be disqualified.)

14. Tournament Director's time is official time.

15. Tournament Director's decisions are final.

16. Each entrant is subject to a polygraph. Failure to take and/or pass test will result in disqualification.

17. No substituting partners. You can fish by yourself if your partner cannot participate.

Tournament Director: Brandon Lance (318) 237-8961

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